RMGDRI Annual Picnic and Fundraiser

July 12, 2009

What better way to introduce our new blog than raving about this tremendous fundraising event?

Held on Saturday, July 11, 2009, from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m., it was very well attended, with about 100 Dane and dog lovers, who brought all their wonderful pups with them!

We commenced on Progress Park in Littleton, CO at practically first light to get everything set up; tents, silent auction, food tables, DJ equipment, vendor booths…all in a beautifully green setting.  The day was absolutely perfect for an outdoor picnic; clear blue sky, warm, and no bugs at all!

IMG_0549IMG_0544IMG_0546First on the scene was Laura R., treasurer and emphatic cheerleader for the Rocky Mountain Great Dane Rescue, who coordinated the setup in her usual multi-tasking genius style.  There seemed to be at least a hundred wonderful items displayed on our silent auction tables, so getting that organized took awhile.

As the donated food arrived, chefs extraordinaire Ron and Buck revved up their dueling grills to cook burgers.  Then people wandered in with the Danes – some of the from the rescue (and it was great to see them!) – and others from all over the country, in addition to many non-Dane breeds.

The Rescue raised money to further their cause of saving Great Danes from euthanization or medical disaster by bringing them in, giving them good homes, providing food and sometimes a temporary place to recover from illness, surgery, or abuse.

Even if you’re not a Dane owner, but believe in saving animals in need or crisis, you can also donate online!

Thanks to all the wonderful Dane owners, admirers, and supporters who came out, met the Dane Crew, and had a Great Time!


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